Welcome to the Information Management Survey 2017/2018
All about Taxonomies and Ontologies 

We want to evaluate the status quo of today's information management and how information professionals contribute to robust and highly agile enterprise information architectures.

This survey will take approximately 10 minutes. As a survey participant you will receive the final report upon its publication in November 2017.
Please provide us with your email adress. We will send you the final survey report. If you want to participate in the survey anonymously, feel free to skip this question.

In which industry is your company operating?

In which country are you located?

Please state your official job title.

Which alternative job titles would also fit with your responsibilities and operative work?

How many years of work experience do you possess?

How have you developed your knowledge and skills in this profession?

How do you consider the career prospects of information professionals?

What supports you most in improving your professional profile as information management expert?

How are knowledge engineering efforts organised in your company?

Which organizational changes had or have a substantial impact on your work?

Which tools support you in your information management tasks?

In which areas of the business do you apply knowledge models such as taxonomies and ontologies?

Are you familiar with the standards SKOS and OWL?

Which of these technology domains do you think will impact knowledge engineering most?

Thank you for sharing your insights. We will come back to you with a final survey report in December 2017.
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